Manduela Riger-Kusk (* 1967), Denmark

Manduela one of the very few “Pipeladies” that enrich the world pipe scene with their production.

She lives in Denmark since her 4 years of age where she learned the craft in the city Svendborg from the world famous pipemaker Poul Ilsted. She started to acquire the experiences from him since 1990. After the success of her products she decided to work independently in 1992. After a longer break when she rather spent more time working with stones she again returned to her old hobby. She works in the city of Kobenhavn in the movie industry as a production designer and besides that she also makes pipes.

Her works are oriented towards pipes of smaller sizes and also her pipe cigarette holders and pipe tampers are well known. She uses applications from a range of materials and colours. The pipes are marked with a sign “Manduela – handcut” and besides being offered by prominent retailers it is also possible to see them at the world pipe-shows and championships where Manduela takes part not only as an exhibitor but also as a competitor. This way you might have met her at the pipe event in Chicago, at Achim Frank's shop in Rheinbach, at the opening of Tom Eltang's new workshop or also at the international championship in slow pipe smoking in Debrecen.

Not only her production but also her appearance attract well deserved attention, which you might experience yourself during the June event in Kostelec nad Černými lesy.

Her pipes can be found eg. here.

Text was prepared and compiled by Lubo Bobek