Charity auction of the pipes

Update October 2011:

The profits from the charity auction have been portioned out in three parts and distributed to these charity organizations:
Salvation Army Czech Republic
PipeMakers"The funds have been used for the financing of a community center in Krnov. The community center is open every day for children that spend their free time here. They can choose from a range of activities like English language courses, cooking, self-defense and of course games. Some children also do their school preparations here. The community center has undergone a reconstruction this year, so the raised funds will be used for equipping the clubroom for the children. Thank you for your support!"
Jakub Vopelák, Fundraising Development Director of the Salvation Army in Czech Republic
Children's home in Zruč nad Sázavou
PipeMakers"The raised funds have been used for modernizing the computer equipment of the children's clubrooms in order to make it up to date with the current trends and to provide a further opportunity of personal development for the children. Once again we would like to thank you very much and we are pleased that you have chosen us.“
Irena Taclová, matron of the Children's home in Zruč nad Sázavou
Foundation Archa Chantal
PipeMakers"The raised funds have been used for a project in the Motol hospital in Prague – Reception of the Children's department. The projects are developed by architects and designers based on the requirements and special needs of particular hospital departments in cooperation with child psychologists, doctors and nurses. All of our effort aims to create a charming environment that will positively effect the psyche of sick children."
Mgr. Tereza Valentová, Director of the foundation Archa Chanta

Update September 2011:

PipeMakers The repeated auction turned out to be very successful. The total amount raised from all the pipes sold was over seven thousand dollars.

Great thanks to Anne Julie, the auction of her pipe contributed with the greatest share.

The pipes are already situated in the collections of their new owners, we would like to thank all the pipe smokers who participated in the auctions.

Update Juli 2011:

We must repeat auction pipes by Anne Julie. Buyers, who auctioned off the pipe, but unfortunately so far failed to pay. We had to cancel the original auction. You can get this pipe in a repeated auction. You can through your participation in the auction to contribute to charity.

Pipes other pipemakers were auctioned. Pipes are already on the way to its new owners. Announcement of the auction results will be published until after the last re-auction.

Update June 2011:

Yesterday the auctions of the particular pipes have been started via
Here YOU have a chance to join this nonprofit event. I would like to thank you in advance because by buying a pipe from the collection you can help us carry out the purpose of this event.

May 2011:

Within three days of the international symposium we would like the team of participating pipemakers to create a collection of unique pipes. Afterwards these pipe will be offered for sale in a charity auction via internet. The profits will be portioned out for charity in three parts to the Childrens Home Zruč nad Sázavou, Salvation Army ČR and Foundation "Archa Chantal" – for the benefit of children and people in need.
Observations of the representatives of the organizations with which we cooperate is here.

All particular information concerning the auction will be published on our website.

The process of the pipemaking was documented here.

The finished pipes will be exhibited during the he slow pipe smoking competition of the XI. Anniversary “Royal Cup of Bohemia and Moravia” and will also be displayed in this part of our website for six days from 14th to 19th June 2011.

The charity auction itself will be organized via the eBay portal from 19th June.

We would like to thank all the friends of the pipe for making our website visible by sharing this information and adding a link to pipe discussion forums, pipe-club websites and other media.

This way you can help us to carry out the charity auction for the benefit of children and people in need.

Time left untill the auction starts: