Detail of pipe "Anne Julie - Pipe sold"

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UNIQUE PIPE, designed by Anne Julie, famous Danish pipemaking lady.
This pipe was created during the international pipemakers symposium PipeMakersMeetingKostelec2011.

Amount obtained from sale of this pipe will be used for charitable purposes.

You have a unique opportunity to obtain not only the unique pipe, but also the complete documentation of its creation. The set includes photographic documentation, so you have a rare chance to watch the entire process, as the Anne Julie pipe was formed.

Video of Julie Anne and her pipe

Measurements & Other Details:
Length: 178,0 mm; Weight: 134 g
Bowl Height:83,7 mm;
Bowl Diameter:49,8 mm;
Chamber Depth: 40,5 mm
Chamber Diameter: 19,0 mm
Material: Briar;
Stem Material: Cumberland;
Filter: none

A personal note:
Most of the pipe smokers know the pipes made by Anne Julie from pictures or have seen them with their own eyes. Some are lucky enough to have her pipe in their collection. I had the opportunity to watch Anne Julie working on this pipe from start to finish. Thanks to this rare occasion I fully understood why her pipes amaze me so much. For three days I watched from the working table beside how the final shape of the pipe was slowly growing with light strokes of a cutter, taking away several layers in total harmony with the natural grain of the briar. It was more like watching a gardener grow a flower, watering it, watching it grow – in the end Anne's pipe grew into a lovely flower.

I have to admit that some time ago for one of my pipes I used a quote by the sculptor Michelangelo regarding his statue of David, when he said: „The statue was already there in the stone and with my work I just set it free.“ Today I have to apologize for such a daring statement, but for this particular pipe made by Anne Julie that statement is true – I have seen it with my own eyes and confess that it is so.

Anne Julie is undoubtedly a legend among the masters of the pipemaking craft, a living legend and at the same time an amazingly young lady, that shares happiness, smiles and help to all the people around her. First I wanted to meet her as a legend of the pipemaking craft, but today I must say that it is more important to me that I had a chance to get to know her as a human being, human in the very meaning of the word.

Anne, thank you so much! Jan